Interactive Personal Training

Live Web Training Client Testimonials

Kathy Dunham

“Thanks for being so patient with me (and my computer). I really enjoyed the workout! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE this?! It’s a new adventure every week!”

Stacy Futterer

“The Web PT has been amazing! I look forward to it every week. It fits my schedule and I love having my own personal trainer in my home! Your training has been very inspiring and you continue to keep me motivated.”

“This web training thing has just been the best! It has kept me going at times when I wouldn’t have been able to get to the gym. With all the snow and ice this winter, I didn’t have to miss a workout. I can even work out when my kids are home from school. Denise is not only knowledgeable and patient, but she is wonderfully inspiring and supportive. I think this could be the workout wave of the future!”

Carol Masters

“I have been training with Denise for more than 2 yrs. She is a great motivator!! She helped me recover and regain my strength after back surgery, and continually motivates me to stay on track with my diet and exercise goals. She caters her workouts to my needs on a weekly basis, and I look forward to seeing her and feeling great after our session. Denise is very experienced and professional, yet treats you with the care of a good friend. I highly recommend the web PT. Since I moved away, see her on camera in my home is the next best thing to being there. And my cats get a workout as well!! Thanks Denise, you are awesome!!”

Peggy Thompson

“I started personal training with Denise last August to tone up and loose 10 lbs. I have lost inches and toned up all around. When she announced her move to CA I knew I would miss our workouts together and wondered if I would continue with another personal trainer. She told me all about the personal web training and I thought why not. Denise works around my crazy schedule and reminds me to keep up with my homework, weigh-ins and workouts all-in-all. I’m still working on my 10 lbs. and am confident with continual workouts w/Denise and the motivation she gives me that I will succeed. Denise is my energizer!”

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