One on One Training

One-on-One Training Client Testimonials

Mari B.

“Denise – When I first joined the Gym I was 225lbs, it has been quiet some time and through “ups” and “downs (lbs)” PS classes, your motivation, thoughtfulness, think light, “I know you can do it”… I am now 188lbs. I know a couple of months ago you asked me “what has been the lowest you come down to?” I said 189 at that point I was 196lbs. You encouraged me to get there and then continue with my goal, I keep you in mind each and everyday… I realize that I worked very hard but I have not been consistent. My way of thinking changed tremendously, I finally got it through my head that “I won’t be skinny by tomorrow” it takes time and 1-2lbs every week is more than enough and the healthy way to sustainable results. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because even though I am only half way to my goal I know we can always change what we do, how we live, and we behave; but it has to start with the “power of our minds” You helped me learned that…. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kim S.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, but when I was younger it came off and stayed off much easier. I always thought I didn’t look bad for someone my age with two kids. The scale and my body were telling a different story. The reality was I couldn’t carry a basket of laundry up the stairs without being completely winded. It was difficult to bend over to tie my shoes, and I was buying clothing sizes I NEVER thought I would wear.
In July I decided I needed some help. I started personal training with Denise. It was a turning point for me. Mainly, some things changed in my head. I realized that I was more disciplined then I thought I could ever be. I work out 5 days a week. I keep a food journal, which has helped me to maintain my focus. It’s so easy to take that last bite of mac and cheese out of the kid’s bowls or eat a couple of M&Ms or a handful of chips. It adds up. Writing down what goes in your mouth in a day is eye-opening. That’s not to say that I don’t have cravings. I don’t deny myself things that I really want. If I want a glass of wine or a few bites of dessert, I have them. I’m just way more conscious of portion size.

In 4 months I’ve lost 30 pounds. My goal is 50. If you see me in the gym I will be a sweaty mess. I know that I can’t come to the gym and breathe the air to reach my goal. The hours I spend at the gym are the best things I can give myself, and my family. I’m teaching my children to make good choices about food and to live a healthy lifestyle that involves being active and I get to shop for lots of smaller sized clothes!”


“A special client of mine that I have trained for years. MJ is a mom of two, strong, hard worker, determined and she looks GREAT!”



Jo P.

“I think about you all the time and how much I really appreciate all your help!!!! I have very exciting news… I discovered that I can now fit into some of the old skinny clothes!!!!!

It was the best thing ever to go shopping in my own closet and finding a whole bunch of them fitting so well! I’m going ecstatic! It’s really all thanks to you, believe it or not. Though this may sound very corny, but you are the only person who helped me find going to the gym much less frightening! And, now I go to the gym every day! Can you believe it?
I really love you, Denise!!!! I am not only comfortable going to the gym and taking classes with strangers now but also not even slightly scared to go to the gym where there are men!!!! OTHER PEOPLE TELL ME that I look like I lost weight and getting skinnier! I look gorgeous in size 10!”

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